How can you protect your scalp from the elements?

Too much styling can suffocate your hairTOO MUCH STYLING CAN SUFFOCATE YOUR HAIRLeave On and other styling products, can clog and irritate your scalp, restricting nutrients to your hair. Use CLEAR Cleanse and Purify, which deeply cleanses & purifies to leave scalp & hair refreshed.

Hair should be protected from hot sunHair should be protected from hot sunWorking on your tan is one thing, but excessive heat also dries up the scalp and damages hair so make sure you protect it too. You can wear a hat or use an umbrella to protect your scalp by blocking the damaging rays from the sun.

Pollutants are attracted to scalp and hairPollutants are attracted to scalp and hairAir pollution is likely to cause a dry, itchy scalp, and unhealthy looking hair. Use CLEAR to wash away pollutants that has collected on your hair and scalp throughout the day for healthy looking, dandruff-proof* hair and scalp.

Rain can stretch hair up to 30%Rain can stretch hair up to 30%Hair from an unhealthy looking scalp is more susceptible to damage and breakage when wet. Use CLEAR Complete Care with a blend of 10 nutrients that provides intense hydration for healthy looking scalp and beautiful hair from root to tip.